V for vendetta

February 05, 2017

Today I listened to the Incomparable discuss V for vendetta, focusing on the movie version but getting into the comic book quite a bit as well. Among many other good discussions, they mentioned things such as feeling uneasy about the ending, the question of whether to see V as a hero or terrorist, and deeply enjoying the movie nevertheless.

I was brought back to 2008, when I first saw trailers for the movie and was left deeply unimpressed. What kind of world was this they were creating? Did it not seem like comic book action in the bad sort of way? Was this meant to be taken seriously at all?

But then, I went out and discovered the comic, devouring in in one sitting if memory serves. After that, I looked forward to the surprisingly distant release date with a lot more excitement (tempered with some hesitation about what they might change to fit it all into a movie).

Going to see the movie was a special experience. I am not sure I had ever gone to a movie alone before, but this time I did and it was great. All the way through, and especially in the end, I felt that this was for me. Morally dubious heroes bringing down fascist regimes through questionable actions, yes! Bring it, think about it, enjoy it all.

Quite the turnaround from the first trailer.

And yes, unfortunately the themes feel just as relevant as ever. But at least we have a good story to reflect on while we fail to move forward.