Tabs to Markdown

July 29, 2014

What to do when your planned podcast recording does not happen?

I created a service to copy the URL:s of all tabs in the current Safari window to the clipboard as a markdown list of links. You can download it right here.

But why?

Brett Terpstra had of course created something similar already. Only that didn't seem to work for me, Safari just kept locking up. So I found this little applescript on Github, but that broke many characters because it echoed escaped text to a shell and piped it to the pasteboard shell command to copy. I looked up the applescript way to do it, altered the output to make it markdown, then googled the way to turn it into a service.

Yes, I did make a pull request for the updated script too.

Oh yes, and the final script is - suddenly - on Github, too. It is the plain script version, so it should be pastable straight into Automator or the Applescript editor or wherever else you may want it.