January 13, 2013

I tweeted a link to Rands writing about process.

To which @FilipPerlhagen tweeted: "The most important question about process is process improvment. A process without changes dies."

In one way, I can agree totally. Of course things need to evolve!

At the next step, I think the important part is that the process is open to reevaluation. It does not have to actually change all the time to be useful.

Going one step further, could you not say a process is actually more valuable the less it changes? The less time you spend tinkering with the process, the more you spend making use of it to provide structure for something. Thus, more value gained. The process is the skeleton around which to build a flexible and ever-changing body. The skeleton sometimes needs to be adapted to better suit the body, but not much can be built on skeleton in constant flux.