July 08, 2017

I enjoy podcasting, perhaps too much. As of right now, I regularly participate in, edit and publish four podcasts, and I keep thinking about how I might involve myself in more without completely overwhelming my time and energy.

I participate in, record, edit, master and publish all four of them, so as of 2017 I built up a few hundred episodes worth of experience with the whole process. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


Kodsnack Kodsnack

Sweden's most popular developer podcast. Tobias, Kristoffer and I have been going on since September 2012, and we still do not understand why there are so few other podcasts for developers in Swedish.

Björeman // Melin

Björeman // Melin Björeman // Melin

Two nerds - one podcast. Joacim Melin and I sit down once a week and pretty much talk about whatever we like. Movies, retro computing and Apple stuff are regular topics, but pretty much anything can get in if it is on our minds.

Den makalösa

Den makalösa Den makalösa

Wanting to talk more about Star wars episode VII was all the push I needed to create a pop culture podcast. Mainly about movies, we have also discussed games at various points and keep an open mind to vary content and format in various ways.

Under utveckling

Under utveckling Under utveckling

Under utveckling is my first shot at podcasting as part of my job. We discuss topics around software development related to the work we do at TimeEdit, from fun frameworks and projects we have done to softer topics such as ways to think about debugging and dealing with impostor syndrome.

Appsnack (retired)

Appsnack Appsnack

Appsnack was a long running Swedish podcast about Apple and - to an increasing degree - the world of IOS. I got involved toward the end of the run, first as a sometime guest and then as a pretty regular panel member.