Pods I cast in 2017

April 17, 2017


Kodsnack is the pod that made me cast. Tobias wanted to use his microphone more and saw room for a podcast in Swedish on coding and related topics. We started in the autumn of 2012 and have, somewhat to our own disbelief, kept going ever since. We release an episode per week, and I think seriously sticking to that schedule has been really important, sometimes to the point of being the difference between the pod continuing to run and just ending.

I still feel like the least qualified person by far on the pod, which is great in that it always motivates me to do things more and better. I have learned a lot, and I keep learning. Both as a developer, and as a participant in and creator of podcasts. I do our editing, publication and of course no force in the world can stop me from creating long lists of links for the show notes.

But there are even more learning and other opportunities outside of the regular episodes. We have done chats on stages, interviewed people both on stages, off them and over the internet. I get new angles and ways to get into interesting conversations with new people thanks to Kodsnack. For me, Kodsnack is all upside, and I always look forward to more ways to develop what we do and how.

Björeman // Melin

Almost by accident I got Joacim to start a podcast with me in the autumn of 2015. Björeman // Melin is about whatever we two nerds in the panel feel like talking about. Often, this is old computers, whatever is going on with Apple, and movies. We record episodes weekly, releasing on somewhat irregular days of the week depending on available editing time.

Den makalösa

Yep, I happened to start a media podcast too. Look, everyone needed somewhere to chat about The force awakens, right? Den makalösa became that place for me. An episode is recorded and released whenever we get enough interested panelists for a topic. Most episodes have been on individual films, but we have also discussed whole genres as well as a game every now and then.

A fun development on Den makalösa is that we currently record most episodes in-person, sitting around a table. A friend got a group of his friends into the Slack channel, and suddenly we had a lot of shared geography. Another one is the extent to which I am not the driving force behind the episodes. We have recorded several episodes where I have basically showed up to listen, adding a few comments here and there.

Podcasting has been a great way for me to get to listen to other people's stories, and in a way my background role in some episodes is a high point. Interesting things are being said, going in directions I would not have thought of myself. I sit back and enjoy, ready should I be needed.