A little poking

October 17, 2018

I finally got around to it. After much reading, listening to others and thinking about setups I finally did some actual programming of my Pok3r keyboard. After listening to others using US keyboard layouts for programming, after realizing repeatedly my Pok3r with Swedish keyboard layout is hopeless for coding, after looking down once again and seeing all those useful coding characters printed right there on the keys, I did the right thing: brought up system preferences and activated the US kebyoard layout.


(That sounds immediate, but it really was another day or two of thinking and reading on and off.)

Then, I put the Pok3r manual on the left side of the screen, my own notes on the right and, very slowly and laboriously, activated the second layer of the keyboard and gave myself a useful way of typing those pesky Swedish characters. Now the Fn key plus a, s, or d give me å, ä, or ö respectively. Fn plus q, w, or e give me Å, Ä, and Ö. This because as far as I read I could not combine shift with Fn plus a key as a programmable unit. This could well be me misreading or misprogramming though, I did a couple of mistakes mainly centered around mixing up what the key labeled "win" actually did. Another smaller cause of mistakes was that the programming procedure had been somewhat refined since the manual I found was written. Thankfully the indicator lights showed the modes indicated by the manual so I was able to find out where I was after a couple of tries.

Having å, ä, and ö behind modifiers sounds slowing, and of course it is to an extent. The saving graces are the same as for using caps lock and i, j, k, and l for arrow keys: everything is on or much closer to the home row, and the required modifier key is on the opposite side of the keyboard.

I think I will like this. I am typing this using the setup and of course largely getting away easy because I type in English, but I have fun and enjoy re-learning where all the non-letter keys are.