November 19, 2014

My friend IC is doing a _why: removing all online presence. IC has always been very public, very open and above all a completely positive force. A literal and figurative splash of colour wherever involved. now IC is turning the lights off, locking the doors and removing the signposts. Thank you for everything IC!

It means we failed, again. We as a community - humans online around in ever greater circles - managed to push someone away who was adding nothing but enthusiasm and energy.

To be clear, I am most definitely included in we, and one of the clearer ways I have failed is inaction. It does not matter if there were signs I could have seen or not, my failure is that of sailing along thinking things are working pretty nicely and not adding anything myself to move in a good direction. The failure of assuming things are okay and need no effort because things look mostly fine from your own non-effort-expending vantage point.

We can do better. We will do better.