Double fine journey

January 28, 2014

Act one of Broken age has shipped. Double fine productions' old-school point and click adventure game funded through Kickstarter is out in the real world.

Well, the first half of it. More than enough to wet my apetite for more. In most ways this is just the beginning, hopefully of a long and enjoyable journey. But it is also the end of a long and enjoyable journey. I first funded, then curiously followed development through its twists and turns, always eager for more video documentaries and proudly wearing my backer t-shirt as often as I could. The journey began in March of - gasp - 2012.

Well, you could make a good case it actually began around here:

The secret of Monkey island, from 1990

Twenty four or so years ago, I first enjoyed a game in which Tim Schafer had a hand. Now, I got to have a hand in one of his games.

So, Broken age is out, and it is good. I want you to play it and enjoy it, then also go and get the second act when it comes out. I tore through it in about four hours according to Steam, and I have absolutely no idea what that might translate into for any other person.

Better try and see for yourself.

Broken age is obviously made by and for lovers of classic adventure games, but I dare say that you can enjoy it fully even if you never played an adventure game before. It builds on and polishes what all us old timers enjoyed about the genre, but it stands completely by itself, neither referencing nor being burdened by all its great heritage. In the wrong hands, this could have been a game full of in-jokes, obscure references and illogical puzzles. Instead it is a good story for everyone, told in the form of a highly polished and focused adventure game.