The joy and annoy of your own site system

August 27, 2016

Having my own static site generator comes back to haunt me and make me build stuff again.

Wanting to highlight posts concerning Webos on the start page, I went and added tag support for pages.

Of course, that brought them all to the top of the list, as my generator simply sorts by modification date.

Not anymore. Now I can, if and when I remember, add a publication date to each page and have that be always used instead. Pages without a set date will float as usual, which is sometimes what I want.

It was not hard, and it feels nice to have finished it. But not having to build stuff myself would of course have been even quicker.

Anyway, simplest thing that could possibly work and all that.

Now, can I find some darn Iridium in No man's sky before I go to bed?