Push it

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Part one

I like to be prepared before going places. Plan ahead, pack the night before, leave early and if possible have plenty of time for any changes of transportation.

Not today though.

Today I think I've used up whatever stores of pure luck I may have built over my life.

It all started with my train being delayed. They blamed a "signal fault" and stated that all trains on the station were standing still because of it.

A train rolled by.

Fortunately, things soon got moving again. But the wait was about as long as the time I had been scheduled to have for switching trains.

And this is of course the first instance of luck. When I got off the train I had maybe two minutes of official time, and I managed to get across platforms and on the right train (the right car even!) on time.

It sure is a good thing Copenhagen's central station isn't any more spread out.

So I made the train and figured I'd had enough travel excitement for one day. I got off on time, took a nice calm bus ride and had plenty of time to get ready for my meeting.

Part two

The second instance of luck was even dumber. Because of my own slowness in getting moving, I only left my meeting twenty or so minutes before my train was departing. Being my own fault I didn't expect fortune to bathe me in its light again, but I nevertheless decided to get a taxi instead of resigning and waiting for the next bus.

The reception called a cab, there was no waiting and it arrived within five minutes. The drive was eventless (if slow-feeling for me), and I got to the station with five minutes to spare, easily. I even had time to rush up the wrong escalator. Wheee.

I got both there and back, and eventually ended up being just on time in both directions. Strange indeed.

Now it's time for some good sleep. Tomorrow we need to be productive! Again.

Mental note: do not push any luck in the next fifteen years ...