15/8 2006

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

in anticipation of various visits in the near future
I cleaned up my apartment, including but not limited to a relatively thorough mess-removal on my desk.

Two things are certain.

First, a large desk is nicer the more of it is free.

Second, an iMac only looks better the more space it gets around itself.

Today I put away the mousemat.

One less thing.

And I considered moving back to my wireless keyboard and mouse.

Fewer buttons and no scrolling.

But two cables less, for <%=Deity.get().present()%>'s sake!

Breathe, breathe ...

I also became somewhat more aware of the fact that the computer itself hides a rather large nest of cables, but they're all there because I use them, so I guess they'll stay.

Don't see much of them from normal angles in any case ...

I'm writing this on Pomum, which has moved to decorational-and-irregular-use-duties on the sofa table. Cable-restrained, since the battery didn't even seem to want to last through bootup, but still pretty nice.

Martin heartily recommended the documentary My Date with Drew on Sunday. So today it arrived to me, along with a not entirely unexpected copy of V for Vendetta. Looks to be a great movie for Ellen and I to watch this weekend. Perhaps I can find the time to expose her and Martin to V as well, we shall see.

(My DVD library is
way too Wachovski-biased.
Sigh ...)

You'd think I'd be in bed at a time like this ... Just imagine how rested I could be tomorrow if I'd gone to bed and fallen asleep an hour ago!

Also I don't think I have anything to put on my breakfast sandwiches ...

Yada yada yada good night!