Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

We finished the project, we finished the project!

Today we finished up the documentation and touched up a few things on the site, then we considered ourselves done and I went homewards, stopping to do the dangerous activity of buying food when hungry on the way. Managed to stay away from the candy trap though and got home with some nice supplies that should keep me going a couple of more days. April looks to be the cheapest month yet in food expenses, but then I think I've been wearing down the freezer supplies more than before.

Anyway, with everything but a little volountary proofreading and bug checking done on the project, I suddenly find myself with no school visits planned before Friday!


Nothing feels as luxurious as having free time in the middle of the week.

Then again, there are things to be done, like some good cleaning of this place ... Not a three-day activity, but still.

And there's a funeral on Thursday of course. Can't call it fun of course, but it'll be an experience at the very least, and one I'm very happy school won't distract from in any way.

I've been pretty bad at adding externals recently, haven't I? I'm not sure what the reason is, but I'll be happy to improve on that front.

Want to improve with updates in general actually, considering the ease and fun of it I've been criminally bad recently. There's an external for today anyway!

Speaking of which, I still need to hammer some more on the external linking system, browsing all available externals every time is quickly getting out of hand ...

See, I promised I'd write today, so I did! Not about the weekend though, but still. And just see how easy it is once I get started (aims at self). Now do it more often!