14/5 2004

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Microsoft wants to compete with Google on search engine business (that is, attract more advertising bucks). According to my logs, this will be accomplished by having their bot go through my site's pages as many times as possible. It is not clear to me just how this will help them win, but then I'm not Microsoft.

It's been more than eight hours since I got up, and I still haven't done much good at all. The best thing about today so far is really the fact that it's only been those eight-something hours since I got up. A late morning every now and then can really be wonderful. I was assuming I'd spend much of today at dad's place, helping with preparations for his birthday party, and I guess I've been a little thrown off guard by finding out that I don't need to show up until tomorrow.

Sure, there are productive things I could devote time to. But you know how it is ...

I haven't been out the door for a single second yet, but I think venturing outside for a while could help in getting more done later ... As we all know, a nip of fresh air is so much better than shooting yourself!

Warwalking would be fun, if only one wouldn't need to pull out the laptop all the time to check for networks.

Yeah, I know there are toys to check for you.