IOS and data inside apps

Date: 2011-07-12 17:58:16 Created: 2011-07-12 13:58:16

Trying out beta versions of the latest IOS, I have been wiping my Ipad clean with a bit of regularity recently. Each time, I look at how few apps are put back by the restore, wondering where the others went. And each time, I seem to end up thinking of and reinstalling fewer of those ”missing” apps.

A small part of it is the knowledge that there may well be another beta version and another wipe soon. Another part is, I think, a sort of data and settings addiction. Apps and data storage working the way they do in IOS, it is kind of hard to get things in and out of apps, and deleting an app will take with it everything associated. That increases the barrier to deletion a bit for apps used to create things – unless they automatically sync/back up to a server somewhere or something similar, removing the app will mean removing everything you created in the app as well.

Thinking about removing a game? Well, you won’t be keeping your saved games if you do.

Not using Brushes much for drawing right now? But are you sure all your drawings are safe somewhere?

How about Keynote? Are you positive any presentation you might want in the future is safely stored somewhere else?

It all builds into some kind of ”better safe than sorry”-situation where apps get to hang around for longer because of the data they lock inside of them.

The compulsive collector side of me wants this solved, and hopes the new Icloud stuff will mean a definitive solution.

On the other hand, the more relaxed side of me thinks the compulsive side is better off learning to let things go a bit more often.