Old man pointing and clicking at clouds

May 24, 2023

I sat down to start editing a podcast (as we all know, the third most common reason one sits down at the computing station). I fired up Hindenburg, looked down at my desk and, on a whim, pulled out my Intellimouse and connected it alongside my Magic trackpad.

I have said so many times before, but the feeling of speed and precision over the trackpad is sill outrageous. As long as I do not compare directly, I can tell myself that the trackpad is pretty speedy and precise. And compared to many other trackpads, sure, it is. But whenever I bring out a decent mouse with real buttons, the difference comes roaring back.

It makes me wonder: why has the trackpad settled for this? Surely we did not reach the peaks of precision for trackpads what, ten years ago? The gestures are very nice, but providing them is not in any way a replacement for speed or precision. There must be more which can be done.

I guess it is nice that Apple leaves room for third parties, but I of course also retain my frustration at Apple refusing to build a mouse with proper buttons, thus refusing to provide that real clicking and dragging precision.