Guest appearances

May 23, 2023

I went out in the real world again!

I met new people!

They were all nice!

I got the opportunity to visit a school and talk to developers in training again - thanks Jakob! Jakob has allowed me to crash his course and talk about developer life twice before. Those times were a pretty classic lecture format and were fun to do as well. But this time, Jakob had the great idea of doing a discussion format instead. I can of course not help but think of it as a podcast-type discussion, and in the best possible way. We talked software development processes, AI - what it is and is not, and many other aspects, deadlines, rodents, and many other things. I think we spent a bit more than an hour talking, which flew by in no time at all. It felt like we could have kept talking for another hour without running out of steam.

Yes, all the students seemed to have a good time as well. I am pretty sure it was not just in my head.

Afterward, I headed to the office and met some more people. Now, I am back behind my octodesk, and it is perhaps not strange that my head feels a little bit empty. In the best possible way.