Octodesk, the result

May 22, 2023

The third arm and second monitor are in place. This whole desk setup, I think I really like it.

Two screens and a laptop on VESA arms Two screens and a laptop on VESA arms

It feels a bit strange to like it quite this much. I have had almost the exact same setup at work before, and while I enjoyed it I never recall it feeling like a "wow!" the way it does now.

Is it simply a matter of having it at home? Of having decided on all the exact pieces? Perhaps?

Whatever the reasons, sitting down to compute currently feels … luxurious, almost. So much space, so much light and colours. And the desktop itself is at the same time cleaner and more available than before.

The experience is at its very best with my work laptop. That is the only time I get the full three-screen experience, as the Air only supports one external display (without fickle wizardry I feel no urge to try anyway) and the Mac mini of course has no additional screen. Guess that makes work a little bit of a reward of its own - look, I get more glorious space to enjouy!

It is also really nice to be back to using the same inputs regardless of machine. I need to take another dive into the mysterious world of Magic trackpad switching, because I still have figured out no quick and reliable way of switching it between machines apart from having a cable at hand to physically connect it each time I switch. Feels silly, but not silly enough to disqualify the trackpad.

Perhaps this is the thing: This looks like a dream desk, the kind which simply could not exist back when I for the very first time had a computer of my own in my own room.

The screens are impossibly sharp, impossibly bright, impossibly large, and impossibly thin.

The machines are impossibly powerful, impossibly long-lasting on batteries, and do not make a single sound.

None of the hardware even gets warm to the touch under normal operation, let alone start a fan.