For better, against worse

May 21, 2023

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about creating things and releasing them into the world, and always noticing things which could be made better, more polished, perhaps even re-created from scratch. It is easy to fall into holding something back from release (for whatever definition of "release" one has), thinking it really should have just one more detail, one more iteration, one more …

I can do all that too, of course. But whether something is better or worse than it "should" be is kind of secondary to me.

The more important line to my mind is whether something got created at all or not. Once it has been created, my barrier to whatever release means is very low. Better get something out there, and then either iterate, or, of course, create another thing.

At some point, I think I mainly did this in order to get anything at all released. Now, it is so internalized that I sometimes wonder if I could gain something by intentionally holding things back a bit longer.

Would I, for example, gain something by letting posts rest for a day and then re-read them before publishing them here?

Or would I find new ideas by actively doing more sketches for my Kodsnack episode artwork?

Those types of activities take time though. More time, and therefore some amount of extra intention and planning. Those things are pretty limited in availability most of the time.

And in the complete opposite direction, there are so many areas where I have not yet found ways to lower the barrier to creation. Coding is the clearest example I can come up with right away. Actually, the real problem there is probably that I am not very good at even starting to create something new. But of the few things I have started, even fewer have reached any kind of release stage.

Surely, it would be possible for me to create software in a way which made the barrier to release similarly low as to writing and podcast artwork? Perhaps if I set up appropriate limits for myself, so I do not disappear into endless possibilities, questions about frameworks, libraries, platforms, and what have you? Perhaps if I build a nice little box to stay in?