Sunday-like Saturday

May 20, 2023

A run in the sun, nice and slow. Garden time with family including dog.

Italian-style appetizers and a glass of bubbles in the early evening sun.

Grilled fish in the later evening sun.

Also: some trash thrown away, and a surprising number of words written while relaxing in the sun.

The writing was done on the phone, and it of course made me think that perhaps I should start keeping a pen and notebook handy for even better offline thoughts.

That has never really worked for me before, but that of course does not mean it will not work now. I have always needed the digital conveniences to really get anywhere with writing, and any time I write on paper there is some level of thought as to how exactly I will get the results into the digital side. The side where I actually make use of things. Sort them, search for them. Find and rediscover them.

Still, paper notes do fit very nicely with days out in the sun …