Armed and dangerous

May 17, 2023

I suddenly started missing having a second monitor on my desk. I still have the one I used before the unfortunate 4K sitting around, but due to some unfortunate incidents it has no stand.

Fortunately, monitor arms are easy to come by, so I went ahead and ordered one.

But there was a twist. The mean checkout process suggested I might want to add a VESA laptop stand to my purchase, i.e. a way to hang my laptop on the arm rather than a second monitor. Suddenly, I was getting visions of the laptop hovering to the right of my main monitor, above my technology stack in the corner and providing a wide-open area for keyboards and pointing devices.

This had to be tried.

But it brings on a dangerous question: what about that second monitor?

Do I want that, too?

Is there room on my desk … for a third arm?

How much armament is too much?

Actually, my microphone is also on a arm, so that would make four arms in total.

Halfway to the octo-desk!