Wrong on the internet

May 15, 2023

I think I did it.

I, with the best of intentions, fell into arguing on the internet.

In a way, it is surprising that I have not fallen into it much more often. Guess it is part a low degree of disposition for it, part being surrounded by an undeserved number of reasonable people.

All of the above is also, I think, why I got dragged into it for a relatively long time before stepping out. I am used to interacting with people who want to have a discussion, where we are interested in our differing opinions and want to understand them. So of course I fell into thinking I just needed to try and refine some more, clarify a bit, find that magic sentence which would make things click.

I am still curious what the opposite side thought they would get out of the interaction. Were they just enjoying pulling me along, or did they think it was all heading somewhere productive? I am leaning toward the latter, but I am doubtful they chose the right approach to try and get there.

I suppose I should put this down as good exercise. It was all quite polite and civil as well. Perhaps more of a practice run, really?

(I am, of course, wondering if I somehow managed to be wrong all along. Was I being the unreasonable one? I think I have re-read the whole interaction enough times to trust that no, I at least got the things I intended said in a reasonable way that I can stand for, but that of course only keeps the feeling away while things are decently fresh in my mind.)

Anyway: Monday!

Fresh week!



Artwork for tomorrow's Kodsnack came out well!