Food and video

May 04, 2023

Another interesting detail: In the now three days where I have skipped breakfast, I have also not felt like taking a nap at any point during the day.

This is rare. Perhaps not as rare as I make it seem now, but still. I wonder if there is any connection.

In any case, one difference is clear and real: lunch tastes that much better on an empty stomach.

Project progress

I made a Youtube short.

With Imovie, no less.

I have wondered for a long time how hard it would be to create little video clips for cuts of conversation from Kodsnack. The answer was that the whole process was much quicker than the time I have spent thinking about it.

Just like with my drawings for each Kodsnack episode, there is infinite room for improvement. But the important thing is that I have done it once, and that it was a pretty simple process I can easily repeat and refine over time if I so wish.

The one thing I had to look up was how to create vertical video in Imovie. That took a trip to - of course - Youtube, to learn that you need to create a project of the type "App preview", and make sure that the very first video clip you drag into your timeline is a vertical video. The rest was smooth sailing. And fast sailing at that. I guess no modern computer is impressed at the effort required to render a fifty second video.

I look forward to playing with this whole process more.