War on breakfast?

May 03, 2023

Is breakfast something I do just because I like the routine?

Two days in a row now, I have ended up not eating anything before lunch and felt totally fine and alert the whole time. One big cup of tea to start the morning, and today one cup of coffee about mid-morning. No problems at all, not even caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I did start to feel hungry, of course, but never annoyingly so.

I often delay my breakfast until the feeling of hunger starts to get going, but now I wonder if there is any point to it (other than the satisfaction of eating when hungry and how good that tastes, of course). Could I make a habit of just going straight for lunch, and how would that work in the long run?

What is most likely going on is of course that I have just happened to have two days of good energy, and the reason I have breakfast on most other days is that my energy does run low and can use with some topping up. A sort of survivorship bias - happily ignoring all the days where I probably had breakfast because my body wanted it.

There is also the possibility that skipping breakfast right now feels novel and exciting, and that in itself leads to positive effects for a while.

So no, I do not think I am in a real war against breakfast. But I will enjoy this break while it lasts and feels fun.

(Darn, the weekend is coming. That can throw all kinds of strange things into the breakfast regularity gears.)