About songs on repeat

May 01, 2023

Songs on repeat: it works for me. Not only that: the same songs. The three-track playlist I put together right around when I wrote that post is still in very active use. Not every day, not every hour, but easily a couple of times a week, if not more.

One strange detail is that the songs do not feel particularly worn out. They pop into my mind every now and then just like any others, and my first thought is never "Oh no, not that one again!"

Surely, that has to change at some point?

Surely, I will feel the need to switch to different songs at some point?

I wonder what happens to the current playlist after that? Will it be worn out forever, or make a grand comeback in the future?

It makes me wish Spotify would display play counts. My counts for this little playlist must be outrageous compared to pretty much everything else I have ever listened to on the service.

May 1st gave us a long weekend, but tomorrow it is back to work again. We finished last week with a party celebrating our expanded office, which somehow makes actual regular work feel even more distant. It is the kind of thing we used to do before we got the new office space! Fortunately, I believe I have left myself enough clues to get back into the flow. And otherwise, a nice collection of photos from the party has been posted over the weekend.

(When I will manage to get myself to the office the next time is, of course, a whole different and much more difficult question.)

Social media mysteries

How and why do people manage to work up so much energy to talk about Bluesky? This goes both for enthusiasts and detractors.

Detractors: why not just ignore and talk about more interesting things on the networks you frequent?

Enthusiasts: How do you manage to work up so much energy for another more or less closed and proprietary network? One driven by people who pretty much failed to keep a previous major player on the right keel, no less. Are you looking for the comforter of corporate control combined with glaring lack of moderation? How can you write things like "I need to check out the alternatives" with a straight face? Of course you do not, there will be nothing magical there. It struck me as being much like developers who sound like you need to jump on and keep track of every single new Javascript framework. Of course you do not, just keep an open mind, pick up good ideas as they come along, and use what you actually have a good use for.

No matter where I end up posting shorter things, I have a blog. I also have a dog sleeping on my lap. Keep your BS to yourself, I am sure there will be a good Wikipedia entry about how it went in due time.