More slack, for better work

April 30, 2023

Mastodon, again, delivered great follow-up. After seeing my post about downtime yesterday, Khalid linked me to this Farnam street post about slack. Having slack, essentially, means having capactiy to reflect, react, and catch upcoming things without becoming overwhelmed. So obvious that it is easy to miss and hard to take seriously, outside of work as well as inside of it. Great to have a well-written reminder that doing nothing is often the right thing, no matter the time of day or activity.

I am not sure where the hours of today went, but I think they were spent on the right things and nothings.

(The lawnmower is running, by the way. Updated firmware and all.)

Jona posted about one of the big payoffs of getting things done - sitting down and ripping through a series of actions in a single session. So much GTD talk is about the buildup parts - how to get things in the right place to enable those bursts of clearing tasks out, but forget to emphasize just how good that payoff feels. I keep forgetting too, even though I get a bit of it each time I check something off. Especially when the mental weight of the task turned out to be magnitudes greater than the time and energy required to actually do it.