Getting better

April 16, 2023

I am in no way back to normal. Nobody tells me I sound (or even look) better than yesterday. I keep coughing, and my throat is still sore. But the soreness is clearly milder, and that feeling of being on the verge of fever has disappeared.

It is as if a lid has been taken off, suddenly shuffling from room to room is easily worth it. I notice myself moving in a whole different way, the normal way rather than the shuffling style when you worry you will have to pay for any unnecessary movements.

And I want to do stuff a lot more than the past two days. My mind is a little bit sharper (if it ever is sharp), and it helps that simply sitting around does not become awkward all of a sudden.

It is good to be … well, certainly not back. But good to feel like I have woken up, at least.

(I should also note that "doing stuff" often means tasks as mentally and physically taxing as lying on a couch, reading about the hundred years' war.)

I am finishing up next week's Kodsnack, and as usual I am trying out new combinations of filters and settings to get the audio closer to the way I imagine it should be able to sound. There is always more things to try and understand, such as why I can not seem to remove that one little background hum no matter how much I hammer on it.

Podcast tip

Despite what one might think from how few movies I manage to watch, I love a good behind the scenes or director's commentary. One released in podcast form is of course ideal for me. I am a fan of both Glass onion and Rian Johnson's work in general, so a full-length commentary track with and by him about the movie is of course pure candy for me. It is a true commentary track as well, meant to be seen in sync with the film, but of course I did not have the patience to set that up and so started listening as soon as I had chores to do and nothing else on hand to fill my ears with. It works and is captivating this way too, but of course it would be even better to have the movie rolling along with it. It is great fun to hear Rian go into details large and small, he clearly has as much fun talking about all this as I have listening to it. People had fun building this movie, and it shines through everywhere.