Doing nothing

April 15, 2023

For all my troubles about letting go of shoulds and just really relaxing, when I feel ill I can actually be pretty good at it. I finished work on Friday with a sore throat and a general feeling of illness in my body, and so I did almost exactly nothing all evening. Is it not nice how unimportant things just fall away when you compare them to doing nothing in order to get well sooner?

Nothing plus decent sleep seems to be doing its thing well, today I feel almost normal if a bit more tired if I just lie down and relax. Moving about is still neither appealing nor a great idea, but I happily take whichever improvements I can get.

Another clear upside is that I broke my posting streak after the 100 days, so now I do not need to worry about that either.

The many benefits of doing nothing.

Better get back to it, then.