Always in motion, the balance is

April 05, 2023

I just started editing this weekend's recording of Björeman // Melin // Åhs.

I was also drinking my first beer since the same recording session.

RX 10 was allowed to hammer and massage the audio files rather thoroughly before I started editing, improving the material quite a bit to my ears. It is not perfect, and I am curious how much better I could make it if I had more RX 10 knowledge. I can imagine the answer being anything from "just a little bit" to "quite a lot indeed", especially when it comes to small details only I will notice or care about. Regardless, one clear indication of improvement is that I do a lot fewer cuts to edit out background noise and make quiet parts even quieter.

RX 10 - more work and time for a better result. Things were much easier when all I could do was accept whatever Hindenburg could manage to do with my files. But now I know I have the potential for even better results, I just need to invest time and energy before I even get to the point where I would have started editing before. The process slowdown in itself is the greatest frustration. But I need to spend the time and learn the tools. Then, I can see if I can also speed up or even automate my work with them and get the time back.

Speaking of which: I need to contact support or something about RX 10. The thing has problems detecting audio devices like nothing I have ever seen before, resulting in most of my sessions with it being completely silent, going purely by visuals until I export results and listen back in literally any other app on my computer.

How hard can it be for a professional audio app to keep up with devices - like headphones, for crying out loud - being connected and disconnected? I suspect the problem is directly related to being a professional audio app, meaning it has a lot more custom audio handling code than the average app. And probably a lot of cross-platform code to boot. I do not envy the people having to support and make all that work, but it is their job and I have paid them rather well for their creation so I will be happy to send them my questions and seeing how they respond.

If their documentation and guides are anything to go by, their support may well be excellent as well. I am carefully optimistic.

Easter is coming!

When I put it that way, the intense feeling of spring suddenly seems a lot more natural …