The dog is grumpy

April 04, 2023

(Not a euphemism or anything, the dog is running around gruffing, half-barking and sometimes even fully barking at slights or animals real or imagined somewhere well outside the human range of perception.)

I am not sure when I last went for a run, but it was recent enough that it felt like ages ago as I was heading out. It was definitely my first evening run since the change of the clock, and actually being out running in (the very last) sunlight after dinner felt magical. Even more so since the day had been warm enough that I finally ran in short sleeves as well. Spring was in the air. Less so in my step, but considering my lack of consistency recently I think it went pretty well.

As always, a run is a great way of finding out if there is anything in the back of my mind in need of handling. The answer this time, happily, turned out to be "not much at all". Guess I will just continue the way I am, then.

Good checkpoint before a little bit of Easter time off.

Mac Mastodon musings

I have kept with Mammoth for the vast majority of my Mac Mastodon needs, but I am started to feel annoyed by some rough edges in it too, just like I did with Ice cubes.

The first and most crucial issue is that it sometimes just silently (as far as I can notice anyway) fails to post my messages. This could of course very well be outside of the control of the app, but it should be handled clearly and gracefully, and I have not experienced any other Mastodon happ having the same kind of problem.

Another strange annoyance is that whenever I click a link and get it opened in Safari (which is exactly what I expect and like), Mammoth feels the need to throw up a big modal dialog saying that the link has been opened in Safari. Uh, thanks? Guess which app just popped up in front of all others, as a direct response to my intentional click? I bet this is some kind of leftover of a behaviour which is somehow seen as desirable (by the developers, if not the users) on IOS, but it just looks weird here. (Especially since the dialog has multiple "Done" buttons.)

Then there is of course a whole host of little bugs owing to being a Ipad app running on the Mac and not being perfectly adapted. Strange layouts, stuff like that.

I gave Ice cubes a brief try again, but it feels even more … off. Less at home on the desktop. But hey, it has never lost me a post as far as I can recall.

Yes yes, Ivory, I know. I just want more native Mac options.

Speaking of Mastodon, the latest episode of Reconcilable differences spent a solid amount of time on the theme of "secret weird things people do", trying to figure out which way or ways of drinking water in the bathroom is possibly secretly weird.

The topic resulted in John Siracusa posting a few polls on Mastodon, and suddenly bathroom cup-related posts were all over my feed for a day or two. Someone commented (effectively) that this was not what they had expected their feed to be all about when they got up in the morning. Neither had I, and it struck me how much nicer the unexpected topics currently are for me on Mastodon than they were on Twitter the last, oh, seven years or so. I do not have the feeling that anything unexpected might be a landmine of negative emotions.

That should not feel like as much of a quality bar as it does.