Björeman's law of social interactions

March 21, 2023

Hanging out with people is always even nicer than expected, even if you take Björeman's law into account.

Music corner

I spent a full day at the office again. Early to arrive, relatively late to leave. Got stuff done, even put my three-song playlist to use as focus music for a while. Since I was at the office, I had only brought my Airpods, so I got my music through them instead of my usual large headphones.

I like the sound of my music a lot better in large headphones. There is just no … weight to it. Using Soundsource to add a little bit of bass boost helped a bit, but it still sounded nowhere as full and pleasant as it does in my big headphones.

All of which is, of course, no surprise at all. Just another reason Airpods never really spark joy for me.

Patch corner

I had another one of those great interactions with users of Podcast chapters last night. A bug report via email, with crash log attached no less, on request quickly followed up with a sample file which let me reproduce the problem and build a patched version within minutes. I spent more time getting tripped up by what seemed like temporary bad weather on Apple's server causing various strange errors when I tried to submit the build for review than I did actually changing or verifying code.

That was just the quick fix though. I am looking forward to the proper fix, which involves re-discovering the reasons behind some odd shortcuts I seem to have taken when parsing data present in the MP3 file before Podcast chapters has processed it. It will probably not be a huge thing to fix, and could well be on the level of a one-liner in the right place, but I would not trust myself enough to attempt something like that late on a Monday night.

Not on a Tuesday night either, by the feel of things right now.

But it could be fun on a Wednesday night.


Look at this. Then agree with me that any Tetris movie or show has a pretty high bar to reach before it can be considered good enough.