March 20, 2023

Me, Monday morning, waiting for the coffee:

Tired-looking dachshund Tired-looking dachshund

Oh well, time to fire up that repeat playlist and see where the week will take me … I predict "to the coffee pot" will be a frequent answer …

Speaking of doing things, it has been years since I broke my streak/compulsion to fill the Apple watch rings every day, yet I still feel bad on days when I do not manage to do it without some kind of "good reason". Is it not great to have all this technology available, so that I can make myself feel bad for relaxing, while relaxing, thus not doing that right either?

To turn it back in the right direction: I took it pretty easy yesterday, and that was the right thing to do.

Oh I got this cool response to my writing about music on repeat. Now I kind of want to keep track as well (and release more software). Buuut … I probably do not need more data to habitually gather. And besides, music player apps should already have that data in some form. So someone is keeping track already, no work needed on my part.

(I have not listened to anything while writing this. I consider the current process more of waking up than working.)