Making things

March 18, 2023

Proving how everything likes to cluster up, I was involved in two little things which got released into the world yesterday.

The first one was that I got a new version of Podcast chapters out, fixing that comment frame bug and also some display issues with text encoded by more modern tools. In one way, these problems were quite far out of the way for regular users. On the other, though, you would run into this all the time if you happened to have the right workflow. Fixing that kind of thing really feels good, even (or especially?) when I have spent this long banging my head against the wall. Next, I should try and find an actual nice solution, and see if this can lead me along to further improvements.

The second one was a whole new podcast! Yes, Martin and I did extensive research and found - somewhat to our surprise - that there was room for one more. It is in Swedish, we call it Synk, and it will come out monthly or so. We think it will be about us sort of syncing up and trying to refine ourselves ever so slightly over time. We think, because we are only one episode in right now. The episode is also not of the form we imagined, so it will be interesting to see how things look, sound, and feel in, say, ten episodes.

We only recorded eleven days ago, but since one of the topics we discussed was AI and Chatgpt, we felt a little worried that everything we said might sound obsolete and naive by now. Fortunately, I still feel it holds up. I listened again last night and did not feel that the hype storm around GPT-4 has changed anything we talked about.

Being timeless? Hah, I am happy if what I said holds up in any way a week after I said it!

Anyway, go have a listen if you feel like it and understand Swedish. Also enjoy the one hundred percent beta artwork. We intend to upgrade it, but for a soft, sneaky launch like this placeholder sketches will do just fine.