Windmill windmill

March 13, 2023

Gothenburg is kind of known for being rainy in the winter. Sideways rain, that is the speciality. Today still managed to be wet in such a way that multiple people came into the office and commented that they were not sure what they were thinking when they went outside.

I got wet too, but it was still a good start to the week to spend the day at the office. Nice laptop stands had been added to all desks since last time I was in, and all of a sudden I found myself excited to bring a keyboard and work with a proper keyboard and mouse setup again. It has been quite a while since my last round of that, perhaps a sign that spring is coming or something?

Someone may have tweaked the parameters for the coffee machine as well, it felt like that coffee had a cleaner and stronger kick than usual. Luckily not in pure caffeine, or I would be bouncing around the room right now, but the taste was strong and my stomach is still bubbling in surprise.

Tomorrow's episode of Kodsnack is finished and set to go as well. Yes, including a drawing. Some day, I am going to decide on the next episode early, give myself more time to draw and see how the result might differ. As usual, I felt as if there was much more I could add if I had the time, but it is of course not certain more of everything would have been better.

Evening goals: get to bed a bit earlier than usual, to try and avoid unnecessary wrong side of bed-days. It has never worked out before, so why would it not tonight?