Wrong bedside

March 12, 2023

I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Which side? Probably the under side. It took pretty much all day to get anywhere reasonable mood-wise, but the annoying thing is that I can think of no real reasons. I did feel tired pretty much all day, but I can not say that I got too little sleep by any measure.

Guess it was just one of those days.

(I always wonder if it would work to re-boot a day like that by going back to bed for another hour or so after breakfast, when it has become completely clear what is going on. Resting a bit did help, but I did not go all in on it. It feels a little too … reclusive, or something like that. Still, could be worth it, for everyone involved.)

Iteration time matters

I had pretty much reasoned myself into purchasing RX 10 last night. Then I headed on to the purchase page and was hit in the face by the fact that the version with All the Goodies cost about five times as much as I had expected.

This gave me more pause than expected. See, the version one step down was more reasonably priced, and consulting the comparison charts revealed that it too did all the core stuff I was looking for (and a whole lot more).

So, I went for that one, right?

No, I did not. Not yet, anyway. I clearly was not that hot on the whole idea after all, because this little speed bump made me re-evaluate everything again. From the fact that the trial version does not allow file export, meaning a purchase would be somewhat blind as to the final results (even though I have several good sources stating that the results are, indeed, excellent), to the issue of how long it takes to apply each processing step. Will I have the time and focus to learn the tools really well if using them properly means waiting a couple of minutes to hear the results?

I was about to give the trial version another serious go with a recording from Øredev, but ended up pushing both experiments and purchases off into the future when I re-realized that no export also meant no good comparison of files before and after processing.

Long waiting times and no real result file to look at?

That was clearly one or two steps too far on a bedside-disadvantaged Sunday.