Workspace links

March 08, 2023

I stumbled across Workspaces the other day and got lost a little while scrolling through pretty images. Specifically, I was caught by Faith Arslan's workspace, which both looked great and had plenty of details in text form. It made me want to make my own workspace … more tactile? I am really happy with it already, and I have set it up my way, but there is always more which could be done.

Trying to clarify the feeling a bit more, I wonder if it made me want to take the various kinds of work I do more seriously. Part of it was about being in the workspace more, being present in it while doing work.

That of course has the classic component of thinking "I should disconnect more", be less distracted by other things, turn off notifications and social media, and so on. But I think this was more about wanting to have good tools and spaces and then really make use of them. To have my tools selected and set up so I can dive into creating stuff more easily.

A lot of this surely was provoked by the fact that apart from the computer desk, Faith's office looked like it was straight out of a time where the most technology someone would have in their office was a landline phone. (It would also be a time where people would smoke indoors, but that part I edited out of my imagination.)

Elegant offices, for a more civilized time.

Audio feedback

I got a quick thumbs up about RX 10 from someone who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to audio. Yes, I, too, want to get to the point where I know how to fix more audio in no time.