Morning haze

March 03, 2023

Thermos of coffee.

Two sandwiches.



How do I do this thing again?

I thought this kind of empty confusion was supposed to be for right after long holidays, or possibly a very disconnected weekend. Not on a Friday morning of a completely normal work week.

… good thing a weekend is coming up then …

… but how will things feel on Monday if this is Friday?

Mmm, coffee. I like how my phone just suggested opening the Ember app "based on location in your home". I remain as ambivalent as ever about my Ember mug, by the way. It is annoying how coffee quickly goes cold in other cups and mugs, but it never sparks joy. One more device to charge, one gadget which elbows all the other nice coffee containers out of my daily life.

I was certain I had written about my Ember mug multiple times before, but search reveals exactly nothing. I guess all I have written has been daily notes which have come out through talk on Kodsnack rather than writing here. It does what it says, I use it almost every single day, and I miss its functionality when I do not have it. But it never sparks joy. It is a cup which needs constant recharging, and so I have to think about where I set it down. Its edge is not exactly sharp, but it feels a little bit sharp to the touch. Because of electronics, it does not go in the dishwasher, and is thus normally a lot less thoroughly cleaned than any other beverage container. And the last few sips of coffee tend to be a little too warm.

The temperature keeping feature is worth it, but only just so. I will use it for as long as it works, and then I think I will switch to a thermos and a regular cup, and simply pour smaller servings at a time to maintain a nice temperature.x§