Flakiness frustrations

March 01, 2023

I had an unusually frustrating session recording Björeman // Melin // Åhs last night.

For one thing, my own connection dropped out completely for a little while and took some seconds to recover. Outages are brief, but they happen a bit too often for me to be able to call them rare. And now that I think of it, they seem to usually happen in the evening, well outside of working hours. Perhaps it is time to look at which other broadband providers may be available …

For another, I have a consistent problem where I need to enter the recording session after Joacim, otherwise he will not be able to neither hear nor see me. I would of course prefer to blame his side rather than mine (😌), but whatever the cause, Christian (or anyone else I have recorded with) never has any problem seeing or hearing either of us, no matter the order we connect in. So one person on the call always gets all of my information, while the other only gets any of it if I connect last. Sigh. I will try a different browser next time -Arc, instead of my usual Edge. For some reason, I have fallen into using Arc for our shownotes (and very little else), so I always have it running during recording in any case. It is a little bitstrange that I have not got around to trying it out for the actual recording session yet.

Anyway, the two problems combined in a entertaining way, so that I suffered a connection drop and then some reconnection issues and ended up having not pressed record in Zencastr for the, oh, last 75% or so of the session. Once again, backup recordings in Audio hijack prove their worth.

Take heed, kids: always have a backup recording.

Bit sifting

I did a little bit of work on Podcast chapters last night as well! On what would be a meaningful bug fix, too! Two things: