Sunday sunny Sunday

February 26, 2023

The sun is shining, the dog has been walked, the coffee has been drunk, the keyboard is being tapped. I feel that nice sense of calm which surprises you the same way silence does when a fan or other background hum suddenly goes off.

Code and offload

After wondering yesterday about why it is called 100 days to offload, I found Kevin's (the creator) original blog post about it. The reason seems very nice and simple: it was inspired by 100 days of code. 100 days of code, 100 days to offload. It has a ring to it, does it not? It is the kind of name thinking I can wholeheartedly get behind.

Kevin writes a lot of other good stuff too, on widely varying topics. Just the way a personal blog should be!

Then, Kevin responded and confirmed on Mastodon, which for some reason feels slightly unreal. We are all actual real people here!

Vocasting mysteries, ongoing

No, I have not got around to actually asking Focusrite about sound loopback and stuff, but I was in a situation yesterday where I actually wanted to send my browser audio to a person I was talking to. And it did not get broadcast. There clearly is more to discover here about just how the heck audio on my machines gets routed in various situations. Perhaps I have done some kind of magic inside Zoom specifically on my work machine?

Reading recommendations

Along with my coffee, I read a great interview with Jeff Minter about … life, the universe, and games, or somesuch. Games, mostly, which is the way it should be.

The article also brought to my attention that there is a new Llamasoft game out: Akka arrh, so now I have to spend a while wondering on which platform I should get the game. The answer is most likely "Switch, you dummy", because the Playstation 4 is not really the platform of neither the future nor the present anymore, and I have no Windows PC. It is just a little bit sad to not give a Minter game the most powerful hardware I have available. Not that I doubt it will run like a dream on the Switch, and its mobility means I will have a lot more opportunities for a qick game, but still …