February 25, 2023

Dongles can not, should not spark joy, right? So why does the right adapter in the right place make me happy? My latest adapter purchase was a ethernet adapter which, when plugged into my monitor, brings lovely wired networking to whichever laptop I happen to have on the desk, no extra plugging and replugging required.

It is not, I guess, the adapter which really sparks the joy, but rather finding that detail which makes something in everyday life just that little bit smoother and nicer.

(I refuse to believe that the joy is sparked by the application of the ancient technique known as "throwing money at the problem".)


Niclas, in his typical manner, asked another interesting question: What is really intended by the word "offload" in 100 days to offload, and am I doing that or not?

When I think about the word offload in this context, I think of it as getting things posted online which would otherwise not have been. Offloading of things stuck in your mind, if you will. There is definitely some aspect of that type of offloading to my writing and posting, but I feel that it is pretty small. The much larger thing going on with my 100 days is that I generate more writing and more ideas - I come up with new things to write about because I am writing regularly, most of which would not have appeared in my mind had I not been doing this. That is going very well, and I am enjoying and generally benefiting from it a great deal, but it feels wrong to call it offloading.

So no, I do not think I am offloading much during my 100 days to offload. "Upload" is more appropriate as far as loads go. I tried to look around the 100 days site to see if there was anything about how the title was chosen, but I did not find anything. I did, however, find the blog of the creator of 100 days to offload, with a whole lot of interesting post titles to dive into. Win!