The turnaround times

February 23, 2023

On Tuesday we recorded Björeman // Melin // Åhs as usual. Yesterday, I recorded Kodsnack. Yesterday evening, I somehow got both of them edited, as if that was the most natural and simple thing in the world. For Kodsnack especially I have a tendency to finish editing the day before release no matter how long before the episode was actually recorded, so this was quite the surprise.

I have thought every now and then about trying to streamline my podcast editing workflows more, so that I can get episodes finished more easily. But now I wonder if the real win is to be had in simply moving editing to as soon as possible after recording. Considering how quick is was to get through those two episodes, there are not that many pure efficiency wins to be had, I will never be able to cut editing time in half or something like that. Of course, sometimes there are other factors which cause delays. But when there are not, perhaps the big win for my own sense of speed and accomplishment will simply be to start editing as soon as possible?

Mona and the ice cubes

One of the things we discussed - again - in Björeman // Melin // Åhs was Mastodon Mac apps. I mentioned that I have been using Mona as my main Mac app for a while, prompted by some temporary freezes in Ice cubes. I was gently teased for sounding like an Android user, talking about having tons of configuration available and trying to find the exact right settings for me personally. I felt the teasing was mostly from stating that I did not (and do not) feel very interested in Ivory, but my mind made it more about Mona versus Ice cubes.

This morning, I updated (there is always at least one update waiting, even if you have automatic updates enabled) Ice cubes and launched it again. The freezes are gone, and I have to admit it looks quite a bit prettier than Mona to my eyes. Mona feels more … old school? A little less sharp, a little less modern, a little less lively? But Mona also definitely still feels a bit more Mac-like. I still believe my own prediction from the episode: that I will end up using Ice cubes more the more Mac-specific adjustments the app gets. I might keep playing with Mona though, if for nothing else than to satisfy that Android-minded side I apparently have ☺️.