Sports leave Friday

February 17, 2023

Travel and takeaway and interactions and pickups and dropoffs and deliveries and …

… and finally landing, somewhat, on a couch with a gin and tonic, a laptop, and something familiar rolling on the TV in the background.

Kyrö gin and some new-to-me version of indian tonic water.

My Mastodon feed's Chatgpt and Bing and what have you-mood has only turned more decisively derisive - often very entertainingly so - since an eternity ago when I wrote about it on Wednesday. The failures seem so clear that it amazes me nobody has shut down the new Bing thing in shame yet. Which - I suppose - must mean that there is a different view out there somewhere. Somewhere where users are finding results interesting or informative or at least entertaining. Do those positive people realize what they are getting? If yes, how are they thinking about that, and does it affect what they use the results they get for?