Archive record viewer

February 12, 2023

Went for a little tour of the archives of this site.

My big headphones are six years old. They still work just as well as they always have. Airpods have taken over most of the listening time however, so the Sonys mostly get used for podcast editing and other tasks where I am at my computer desk. That means they rarely get used wirelessly, and are rarely switched on, but for some reason they still hold charge really well, and the noise cancellation remains a solid step above what the Airpods can do.

I have ran Göteborgsvarvet at least eight times.

I mostly enjoy my own writing style, not to mention going back and seeing what I thought about at various times. Is that strange to do, or to admit? (Or to put online for anyone to read, for that matter.)

I should run a word count on the whole archive, perhaps even produce some nice diagrams per year …

I did write about learning to trust games, back in November of 2016, and had totally forgotten about that soon thereafter. I wrote about it again recently, and actually only took it off my list of possible topics just now.

I still tend to tap texts out on laptops most of the time. Should I be disappointed neither tablets nor VR headsets have got far enough to offer nice alternatives?

USB-C hubs and cables and reliably having everything I need plugged in remain unsolvable problems. At least most of the time.

Do you ever go back and look at your old writings? I recommend it!