February 09, 2023

I got the opportunity to spend a few days in a cottage, trading the rainy Gothenburg work climate for a significantly snowier one. The cottage had no internet connectivity of its own, but one cool thing about life here in the future is how little that matters. Thanks to future tech 115 I propped my phone up in the window and proceeded to work as usual, including our daily standup over Zoom with video and all.

Battery drain was noticeable however, almost as a relief and connection back to how computing used to work. It is not like the drain was actually high compared to non-M-Macs, but the increase compared to baseline was clear and consistent.

(No, of course there was no fan noise.)

On the complete opposite side of the technology spectrum: I realized that I, too, can tell the difference water makes to a cup of coffee. I brought some big-brand coffee I have brewed many times at home, and the cottage just happened to be equipped with the same coffee brewer we have at home. The difference was very clear, although I have a hard time finding good words to describe it. "Better" is definitely right, but not all that helpful. Softer? Smoother? Clearer, somehow?

Better leave taste descriptions to the experts.