Iteration, iteration, iteration

February 06, 2023

Another Monday, another Kodsnack episode image finished.

Well, "finished". "Decided to not edit further", that is more like it.

More stuff gets done better each time, but there is always more that could be done too. For this iteration, I took the time to learn some useful operations in Procreate, and got a version of the image into the mp3 file as chapter artwork.

I am, of course, also very happy about many details large and small that I got into the image and how they came together. On the whole, though, I do not think the image came together as a composition the way some previous images have. But a great time was had, once again.

On to the next one!

As a bonus learning, I took the time yesterday to figure out how to export and backup all of my Procreate images. Now that I have got going with this drawing, it started to feel really shaky to only have them on exactly one device. The secret was that when you export from the gallery - where you can select many images at once - you can choose to do so in Procreate's own format. Boom, backups!

Speaking of backups and that Ipad, now what will I do when that old Ipad eventually breaks down? Emergency purchase a new one? Switch to a different medium? Occupy someone else's Ipad for a while every week and just hope it is not needed for anything else? The darn thing turns seven this year!

Amazing how I finally found myself a regular use of it that I truly enjoy and truly can not do as well on any other device I own.

What else might I manage to do differently this week?