Why plan, anyway?

February 05, 2023

I can not seem to get ahead of my planning the way I would like to.

But why would I like to?

To make more room for things - relaxing especially.

So, why do I put so many things into my weekly plans?

Why not just drop a bunch of them?

But I want to do more things!

And why do I want that? And why does that have to be made into structured tasks?

Because I think it makes me happier to think about where I am going, and to try and make steady progress.

Perhaps I should try turning things around at some point? What would be the minimum that I could plan, schedule, and execute? How much can I stop doing before something feels amiss?

(Quite a lot, I suspect.)

For the remaining things, can I change their feel to not require forethought, plans, and schedules in the same way?

(He looked away from the text for a second, checking his calendar to see exactly how many percent done with 100 days to offload said text would make him.)

The point of streaks is what comes afterward, what happens when the training wheels of rigorously maintaining the streak comes off.

Perhaps a serious attempt to stop doing some things is what should come after this streak?

(There is at least one obvious way to twist all of the above back into classic productivity thinking and arguments for GTD or what have you. That is not, I think, what I am interested in at the moment.)

Procrastrination is alive and well, by the way. I have plenty of things I could be working through, but I am at least doing useful things with the time instead of them.

Still not sure how to elephant

Mastodon keeps giving. I have not filtered anything, but I came across some more interesting people completely outside of my usual areas of focus and following.