Snow day

February 04, 2023

"Winter" has been outrageously warm, even by Gothenburg standards, so far. But yesterday, we actually woke up to a serious amount of snowfall, followed by a decent drop in temperature. Today, we have a beautiful sunny day, the temperature a comfortable number of degrees below zero, and actual proper snow cover everywhere. It looks like a proper winter!

I was reminded of CGP Grey talking about declaring a Grey industries snow day whenever there was proper snowfall in London when a coworked said that of course it is okay to be late for a meeting on a day like this. How hard could it be to negotiate that as a perk during the next salary negotiation? "I have many great things I want to accomplish next year, but whenever there happens to be snow, I will drop everything in favor of snow angels for 24 hours."

I mean, who in their right mind could say no to that?

How to elephant?

I need to decide how I want to use Mastodon. I have followed enough people now that my feed has a highly variable amount of highly variable new stuff every time I look at it. I have historically been a feed completionist (pretty much regardless of platform). If I want to stay a completionist, the solution would most likely be to seriously cull my feed; unfollowing people, make smart use of filters and blocks, things like that.

But I wonder if I might get more out of relaxing my approach instead? Keep following more people, drop the completionist thing and just dip in and see what is going on when the urge strikes? It does sound nice, like it could let me keep that sense of enjoyable discovery of new things and people going a bit longer, instead of turning into a carefully controlled flow of mostly my own specific interests where new angles rarely show up.

Perhaps I can do some kind of separation between high and low volume people as well? One classic reason I have unfollowed people is because they simply post so much that they drown out everyone else in my feed, but perhaps I can make something like a Twitter list for those high-volume people instead of just cutting them off completely? The slow-moving river and the fast-moving one?

Or perhaps I will end up back at active culling, we will see. Dropping completionism, at least, feels like a solid decision.