Waiting for the package manager

February 02, 2023

Ah, delivery windows.

I am sitting in the sunny living room, waiting for a package delivery. Few things tether me to the house like the risk of missing a delivery. No dog walks or other excursions before that happens! Fortunately, it is hard to mind when you have a sunny spot like this and a stomach full of lunch. It is more like the delivery freed me from a few other options I could otherwise have spent my lunch time on.

The delivery finally arrived, in the last half-hour of the assigned window. The dog was happier than usual to go for a brisk walk.

Power overwhelming

Niclas continues writing great blog posts, this time about making the venerable Griffin powermate useful on modern Macs thanks to Bettertouchtool. I am almost certain that I still have my Powermate in a box in the office, so this brings me closer than ever to purchasing Bettertouchtool, an investment so small and so right up my alley that I could have made it years ago.

Adventure gaming

Last night I made sudden and quick progress in Return to Monkey island. When I last left the game, I had a bunch of puzzles going at once, and little idea about how to proceed in any of them. That burst of solutions left me with one or at most two open threads, but unfortunately no new ideas about how to proceed on either of them.

I would think that there is a adventure game design term for this: a situation where solving one puzzle does not actually move anything forward with regard to solving any other puzzles.

I wonder if inspiration will strike, or if there will be a lot of random travel back and forth, trying random combinations of actions until I stumble on something. Right now I am at the familiar stage where I wonder if there is something major I have completely missed, or if something is even broken. That hopefully, usually, means the solution is staring me right in the face, just one correct click away. I will find out during my next play session!