VR, six years later

January 31, 2023

As sometimes happens, I found myself with a little bit of bus and foot commuting to do.

As sometimes happens, the list of new podcast episodes was empty. This is good, I do not want to have so many subscriptions that the list never emtpies.

As sometimes happens in such situations, I decided to re-listen to an episode or two of En podd om teknik.

In the extremely uncommon twist to the whole thing: one of them was episode 105, where I had the honour and pleasure of being a guest.

First, a side note: The episode was apparently far enough in the past that it does not really feel like I am listening to myself any more. Sure, it sounds a lot like me, and I recognize many thoughts and opinions, but the person talking seems to say somewhat better things than I recalled myself producing at the time.

Second, one of the topics we discussed was VR. It was July of 2017, I had just purchased my Playstation VR headset, and felt excited about the future of VR.

That has not changed. I still feel excited about the future of VR.

Unfortunately, listening back to the episode in early 2023, it feels like nearly nothing else has changed about VR, either. We had a nice jump in power with the Quest 2, and we have certainly had some more nice games. Nice, gradual improvements. But nothing else. I am willing to call it three years of evolution, tops, not nearly six.

Perhaps if Meta had not gone completely overboard with all the … meta … metaness, they would have had the time and focus to build something exciting? I feel like they were on the right path for a while there, but now? Why do I not know about any exciting new experiences? Why, oh why, can I not experience something like Mario kart's wildest visions of Rainbow road in VR?

By all means, figure out ways of letting me do more work in VR, too, if I want to. But focus on something, and make that incredible.

Writing this was good, now I at least got myself excited about some of the VR games I do have that I have not picked up in quite a while. I wonder if there is more good stuff for me to find out there …