Friday flow

January 27, 2023

I have already posted more here in 2023 than I did during all of 2022. I have not compared how many words I have written, but my gut feeling is that the relative word count at least matches the relative post count.

I need to rebalance. Again. As usual. I have picked up a little too many things and think it is time to try and introduce some more actual downtime again.

Yes, same procedure as every year. If I was good at this, I would not have to write and think so much about it.

Also as usual, I do not think the balance is that far from right. It just needs a little nudging, perhaps a reprioritization or two.

It has been a tired day, despite some surprise sunshine. That probably means I should do as little as possible tonight.

Best parts of the day: Finishing up pretty much all planned work, and a surprise coffee break with the great people of the Kodsnack Slack.