The draw of drawing

January 23, 2023

I still draw artwork (cough) for each new episode of Kodsnack. In fact, I just finished up the one for tomorrow's episode, and I think the process is giving me an urge to improve.

This is the system working as intended.

I reliably get the drawings done on time (dang, there is that positive push of a deadline again!), and while they roughly come out the way I want and in a way I am happy with considering the time I give myself, I also see plenty of distance between the result and what goes on in my head as I come up with the ideas. At the moment, I think the next low-hanging fruit is in thinking just a bit more about colour. I want to pick and use more of coherent colour schemes, and also play some more with how I apply my colours to the image.

I think it sums up as: more time on colour, less time on lines.

To be clear: I want to spend a lot more time making nice lines too. But lines come a lot easier to me than colours.

(Even further down the list: brushes and paint tool variation, composition, active choices about style …)

But first and foremost: more iteration. One step at a time.

More offloaders

My old friend Niclas has also been inspired by 100 days to offload and created a blog for himself again.

I feel a finally is in order, because I always enjoy Niclas' writing wherever it appears.

The first post is a great walk down memory lane about some of those places, and his style is just as good as it has always been. I do not care how many posts he ends up making, it is already a win in my book.

I can not wait to see what might turn up in the future!

(Oh no, there is no RSS feed for the blog yet?! Put that down as my one and only feature request for the blog, then. But no rush: text over features, every day!)